Job Openings at Costa Coffee: Learn How to Apply

Costa Coffee is a well-known global coffee shop chain. It offers many job opportunities in the food and beverage industry.


Costa Coffee has a wide reach, ensuring job availability. You can find various job openings to apply for.

If you want to know more about Costa Coffee and how the application process, read the guide below.


What People Say About Working at Costa Coffee

The pay structure at Costa Coffee has mixed reviews. Some employees receive a living wage and market rates, but significant areas need improvement. 

Under-18s are paid less than their older colleagues, and most employees do not get paid breaks or sick pay. 


Additionally, some staff are required to do unpaid extra work, which impacts overall job satisfaction.

Hours and Flexibility

The scheduling at Costa Coffee also has its challenges. Employees often receive less than four weeks’ notice for shifts, and while some have a choice of shifts, changing them can be difficult. 

Booking holidays is straightforward, but shifts can be changed at short notice, and some staff find it difficult to take sick leave. 

Students generally find the system works well, but only some parents agree.


The workplace environment at Costa Coffee is generally positive. Most employees feel respected and receive proper breaks. 

However, stress levels are high; only some employees enjoy their jobs or recommend their teams. 

Training and progression support are only adequate for some, and there’s a disconnect between head office and the daily realities of the workplace, leaving some staff feeling uninformed.

Job Openings at Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee has many job openings.

They offer jobs in retail, support centers, and departments like research and development.

Key roles you can apply for at Costa Coffee:

Retail Positions

These jobs involve catering to customers at stores or coffee shops, taking orders, and preparing them. 

Roles include baristas, supervisors, shift managers, and store managers. 

Requirements: teamwork, patience, customer service, and excellent communication skills.

Support Center Jobs

These jobs handle customer complaints outside the store involving products or services. 

Requirements: patience, problem-solving skills, and strong interpersonal skills to meet customer needs and offer resolutions.

Other Job Opportunities

Costa Coffee also offers IT, research and development, marketing, accounting, and food technology jobs. These roles need extensive skills, knowledge, and experience.

Job Description and Estimated Salary

Each role has unique duties and growth opportunities.

  • Barista: Make and serve coffee and other drinks. Focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Channel Activation Manager: Create and execute strategies to boost brand presence across channels.
  • Store Manager: Manage daily tasks, lead the team, and meet financial targets.
  • Barista Maestro: Lead and support the barista team. Ensure top-notch service.
  • Team Leader: Oversee team members, assist in training, and keep operations efficient.
  • Supervisor: Help manage the team and store. Maintain company standards.
  • Store Manager: Lead the store team, oversee finances, and create a positive customer experience.

The coffee chain offers jobs in various areas. Candidates should check the company’s website to find specific job sites. 

This allows applicants to choose positions that suit their convenience. You’ll likely find a suitable role in urban or suburban settings.

Salary Ranges

Salaries depend on position, experience, and location:

  • Barista: $20,000 – $25,000 annually.
  • Channel Activation Manager: $50,000 – $70,000 annually.
  • Store Manager: $40,000 – $60,000 annually.
  • Barista Maestro: $25,000 – $30,000 annually.
  • Team Leader: $30,000 – $35,000 annually.
  • Supervisor: $28,000 – $33,000 annually.
  • Store Manager: $40,000 – $60,000 annually.

Application Process

Visit the Costa Coffee careers site to apply for a job. You can check current vacancies and submit your application online.

Application Process:

  1. Go to the Costa Coffee careers website.
  2. Find open positions.
  3. Create an account or sign in.
  4. Complete the application form with your details.
  5. Attach your resume and other required documents.
  6. Submit your application and wait for feedback.

Pass Eligibility Check and Interview

The recruitment team will review your application. If it passes, you’ll be called for an interview.

  1. The interview can be on the phone or in person.
  2. The interview lasts up to an hour, followed by assessments.
  3. Arrive on time and be ready to discuss your skills and experience.

Attending the Trial Shift

After the interview, you may have a trial shift to assess your skills. If you have customer experience, they will evaluate you during this shift.

Receiving Your Job Offer

If you pass the trial shift, you’ll receive a job offer detailing your role, responsibilities, salary, and benefits. Read the terms carefully before signing.

Orientation and Training

Once you accept the job offer, you’ll attend a new hire orientation, during which the manager will give you a tour of the facility

Your training schedule will follow, which can last several months, depending on your role.

What are the Qualifications and Skills You Need to Show?

The required skills and qualifications may vary depending on the position.

For barista positions, customer service or hospitality experience is required, while leadership and team management skills are necessary for managerial roles. 

All positions need strong communication, adaptability, and the ability to work in dynamic environments.

Best Practices When Applying

To improve your job application success, follow these steps:

Your Resume and Cover Letter

Tailor your resume and cover letter to each job. Match them exactly to the job requirements. 

Highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to the position. This shows that you understand what the employer is looking for and are a perfect fit for the role.

Skills and Experience

Highlight your customer service skills and related experience. Customer service skills are valuable in many jobs. 

Emphasize any experience you have in this area. Show how your skills have helped previous employers and how they will benefit the new company.

Review and Research

Study the company and practice answers to common interview questions. Researching the company shows you are genuinely interested in the job. 

Practice answering typical interview questions to build confidence and ensure you can effectively communicate your qualifications.

Positive Attitude

Stay upbeat during all application stages. A positive attitude can make a big difference. 

Employers are looking for enthusiastic and motivated candidates. Show your excitement for the role and the company throughout the application process.


Check formatting and grammar in all application documents. Well-formatted and error-free documents show attention to detail and professionalism. 

Carefully review your resume, cover letter, and other materials to ensure they are polished and error-free.


Costa Coffee offers many opportunities to join a global brand. The company values innovation, quality, and employee contributions. 

Follow the hiring process to apply and join a team prioritizing excellence and teamwork. Start your journey with Costa Coffee today.